Congratulations from all of us!

A few important reminders before you start your first day with EmployBridge!

Look out for two emails about completing the on-boarding documents; one from Talent Acquisition and one from our Human Resources department. These will go to the email provided during the application process.

  1. One email will contain a link from ADP for you to complete your file and electronically sign the documents needed to start working.
  2. The other will come from our Human Resources department and will contain information regarding your pre-employment drug screen, as well as instructions on completing the Form I-9.

Help us get you paid on time.

  1. You will need to complete your Form W-4 and any state-related documentation. For questions, contact our Colleague Payroll department at 678-443-4200.
  2. Set up Direct Deposit by completing the form and submitting it along with a voided check or letter from your bank with the account information required; OR
  3. Complete the Aline Pay Card if you would prefer to get paid on your Aline Pay Card.

Once those items are completed, you are ready to go! We look forward to working with you soon! If you have any questions, you can always contact your hiring manager, the Human Resources department or your recruiter. 

Check out this story about our prologistix colleague in greenville, south carolina: tray miller


Our Values

  • icon-about-honesty.png Honesty
  • icon-about-integrity.png Integrity
  • icon-about-maturity.png Maturity
  • icon-about-family.png Family First
  • icon-about-passion.png Passion

At EmployBridge, values are not some set of abstract ideas that are nice to ponder but rarely demonstrated in action. On the contrary, they are woven through our relationships and business decisions and truly exist as the fabric of all we do. We believe that as a company whose very product is “productive people”, having a culture that supports and fosters sound relationships is a true difference maker.

These values help us balance our lives and bring a sense of community to our organization. A well-balanced work and family environment is critical to our company’s success.

When asked to rate EmployBridge “overall as a place to work," 98% of all employees said they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" and would recommend us to family and friends as a place to work.

At EmployBridge, we think our team is one you, too, will like working with!

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