Reduce fixed costs

with a variable workforce model

In today’s environment, every company will need to adapt their workforce structure to better meet current needs and propel future growth – likely with reduced overhead. Variable workforce costs and flexibility allow organizations to fill talent gaps while remaining nimble during economic ups and downs. Find out how with our labor cost calculator tool.

Calculate your direct vs. Variable workforce costs.

As you plan your staffing strategy, use the calculator below to see how much annual savings can be gained through a variable workforce model.

Build stability by increasing your contingent workforce

Contingent workers can help you respond rapidly to new business opportunities.



solutions at scale

For 30+ years, we’ve partnered with thousands of supply chain companies to solve a wide range of workforce challenges with tailored solutions – from high-touch onsite services, custom solutions to on-demand talent through our industry-first digital solution.

uncommon insights

Because we’re the nation’s largest light industrial staffing company, you get access to the most robust workforce insights that help you run your business better — including labor market trends, wage data, HR management and compliance best practices.

Building a
Future-Ready Workforce

With technology changing the way industry works, we ensure you have a future-ready workforce with our free upskilling and training programs. We’re bridging the skills gap with 100K+ workers enrolled in our Better Worklife Academy, delivering a higher-skilled, more productive workforce for our customers.

powerful digital solutions.

Our cutting-edge digital platform makes it easy for businesses to control the way they work with unmatched speed, access, and power to quickly scale your workforce up or down. You gain 24/7 access to high-quality talent and actionable data so you can manage your workforce from anywhere.

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clients served annually

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As workforce specialists, EmployBridge provides value-added workforce solutions and job opportunities. Combining the advantages of national scale, in-depth local market knowledge, supply-chain-specific expertise, and powerful recruiting and retention tools, EmployBridge is recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts as America’s largest industrial staffing firm. EmployBridge is also helping close the skills gap in America’s supply chain by providing free, career-focused skills development to its temporary associates through the firm’s Better WorkLife Academy.

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