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At EmployBridge, we’re committed to constant innovation and leading-edge delivery to find great people, great jobs with great companies.  As much as we embrace technology, this commitment means a lot more. It means listening first. Then thinking outside the box to create a better work life for our associates, and deliver a stronger workforce for our clients.

Simpler. Faster. Smarter.

At the end of the day, what our associates want is an easy and simple way to find the right jobs and get to work quickly.  Our associate app instantly alerts candidates to their perfect-fit job opportunities, providing them all the information they need to make an informed decision and accept or reject an offer on-the-spot. Not to mention, the ability to complete skills testing and submit employment paperwork, right from their mobile device. That’s a simpler, faster and smarter way to find the right job! 

Outthink. Outperform

Finding the right talent has never been more competitive, which is why we deliver recruitment strategies that outthink and outperform the competition. Our latest mobile app finds more qualified candidates, accurately and quickly. Getting the talent you need screened, onboarded and ready to work, faster than ever.


End-to-End Mobile Online Application and Onboarding Process

Over 70% of the applicants that visit our websites and apply for jobs do so on a mobile phone. We've focused on making it easy to search and apply to jobs on a mobile device our number one priority. Our end-to-end mobile experience does just that, allowing job seekers to view jobs, create job applications, take screening evaluations, and complete all of their onboarding documents right from their mobile phone.


 Our Associate Mobile App

Built to include the features most requested by our associates, the tool makes it easier for them to stay in touch, update their information, receive and access job opportunities, accept offers in real time, review assignment details and access payroll history. All with the always-on, always-present convenience of mobile. As a result, the app is increasing engagement, job satisfaction and retention rates.

The app helps fill positions by seamlessly sharing job opportunities with associates pre-screened by experience, preferences and location.

The app helps fill positions quickly because jobs can be accepted right away, in real time, without additional steps or paperwork.

The app helps find the right workers because positions are shared only with qualified individuals. Each one accepts or declines based on a comprehensive view of the job, right from his or her phone.


EmployBridge is proud that our associate mobile app was recognized as an American Staffing Associate Genius Award Winner and as by Bullhorn as a Bullseye Award finalist for innovation in staffing.

2018 Genius Award Winner

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