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To compete in today’s recruiting landscape and secure high-quality talent, employers must offer a competitive wage. In our latest Voice of the American Worker survey, nearly 30,000 hourly workers named pay as the top reason why they accept a job – and why they left their last one. With job openings continuing to outnumber candidates and turnover still a challenge, we help you remain competitive in your market with real-time data and insights, so you can secure the talent you need to move your business forward.

Key findings & takeaways

Pay Remains Top Motivator

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say most important when looking for a job.

0 %
say top reason for staying on a job.

Where are turnover trends headed?

In our 2023 Voice of the American Workforce survey, employees indicated turnover rates are on the rise.
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of employees are actively
seeking new jobs.
0 %

of total employees are actively
seeking new jobs.

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of employees are passively seeking new jobs or willing to consider a different job opportunity.

At our facility in Pennsylvania, we fully embraced the Voice of the American Workforce survey. We implemented a pay rate increase to make us more competitive. The impact of our changes reduced our monthly turnover rate by almost two-thirds.

– General Manager, International 3PL Company

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