Congratulations on completing the on-boarding paperwork. We can't wait to see you at work soon!

You did it - now let's prepare for Day One! Make sure to complete:
  1. Your pre-employment drug screen (this was sent via email)
  2. Form I-9 (this was sent via email)
  3. Form W-4 and other state required documents
  4. Direct Deposit Form and canceled check or letter from your bank with account information
  5. Optional Aline Pay Card Form
  6. Send all payroll forms to 
  7. ADP Registration. On your first day of work, you'll receive an email from our Help Desk ("HD Administrator") to your work email, including the ADP registration instructions and a copy of the payroll calendar. Make sure to quickly follow the instructions and respond!

One of your co-workers will be reaching out to you soon to get to know you better! In the meantime, feel free to learn more about EB. Each location will be a little different and your manager will help guide you through your training. Take some time to read over our dress code policy and employee handbook in preparation for your first day.

If you are working in one our branches, be sure to check out your branch's own page! Each branch location has its own site with images and profiles of each employee. Click here to view the EmployBridge family of brands!

If you are interested in learning more about EB or the staffing industry before starting work, check out the American Staffing Association.

Training will start your first day of work. Our training department will contact you via your work email to provide a login, go over material, and schedule a welcome call. If you have any questions, you can always contact your hiring manager or recruiter. 

Check out our 2017 Associate of the Year from ProLogistix: Brandon Brown


Our Values

  • icon-about-honesty.png Honesty
  • icon-about-integrity.png Integrity
  • icon-about-maturity.png Maturity
  • icon-about-family.png Family First
  • icon-about-passion.png Passion

At EmployBridge, values are not some set of abstract ideas that are nice to ponder but rarely demonstrated in action. On the contrary, they are woven through our relationships and business decisions and truly exist as the fabric of all we do. We believe that as a company whose very product is “productive people”, having a culture that supports and fosters sound relationships is a true difference maker.

These values help us balance our lives and bring a sense of community to our organization. A well-balanced work and family environment is critical to our company’s success.

When asked to rate EmployBridge “overall as a place to work," 98% of all employees said they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" and would recommend us to family and friends as a place to work.

At EmployBridge, we think our team is one you, too, will like working with!

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