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Please be aware of fraudulent recruitment activity by imposters posing as Employbridge employees, seeking to engage with job seekers fraudulently through online advertisements, job search sites, and direct email solicitations. These unauthorized individuals use Employbridge’s name and logo to obtain personally identifiable information from interested job seekers. Employbridge does not conduct interviews via chat rooms, charge candidates an advance fee, or offer employment positions without undergoing a thorough recruitment process. Please note that any correspondence concerning employment would come from an authorized employbridge.com email address.

If you receive an unsolicited communication of any kind (e.g., interview scheduling, offer of employment, new hire orientation), we recommend that you not respond to their questions, do not open any of their attachments, and do not click on any hyperlinks. If you have been contacted by anyone representing themselves as being from Employbridge and are concerned about their legitimacy, contact us immediately at (888) 381-7248. You can find more information on scams and how to report a scam from your local authority or consumer protection bureau. In the US, you can file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov.