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How to research a company for an interview

Mar 02, 2020

It’s a known fact that interviewers will reject candidates who know nothing about the company. Culture is contagious, and hiring managers want to build a strong team that stays engaged, especially when things get tough.

So take the time to find out what the company has been up to recently. Has there been a new warehouse location, an expansion into new cities, or a new product line? Weaving company knowledge into the conversation is a great way to show your interest.

It's also an opportunity to ask questions. We’ll say it again for emphasis: please ask questions. Why? Because asking questions, just like researching the company, shows you care. Hiring managers talk to a lot of people, and showing that you don’t just want any job, you want this job, is a great way to catch their eye. So when they ask if you have questions, have a few prepared. 

Here are a few standard questions you could ask. That said, remember that specific questions having to do with their company or recent news, or follow-up questions about what the hiring manager has said during the interview, will always be better than generic ones.

“What are some of the challenges the company or team is facing right now?”

“What is the company’s culture like?”

“What does the growth potential look like for this role?”

“Tell me about the current team.”

“What qualities or skills have you seen help other people succeed in this job?”

“How do you measure success for this team or this role?”

Easy enough, right? Even if you don’t have a lot of time, learning about the company and showing up prepared to ask questions helps you get a leg up on the competition by showing that you’re truly invested in this job opportunity. 

Pro Tip: Have you ever told a hiring manager you didn't have any questions because a previous person already answered them? Take this opportunity to mention that it was already answered, but that you are interested in gaining their perspective. 

This is the third installment in our “How to Nail Your Interview” blog series. Click here to read the first blog about Introducing Yourself, or here to read our second blog, What Your Body Language Says.

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