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Flexible workforce solutions for the construction industry 

construction workers looking at tablet smiling

Stay on schedule – and budget – with top talent 

Gain access to thousands of workers nationwide

We can help you find the talent you need, where and when you need it.

Hire vetted tradespeople

Our assessment process includes skills, aptitude, and safety screenings that are specific to construction trades.

Collaborate with our safety experts

Our on-staff safety director can consult with you and assist with OSHA training and incident reporting to help ensure a safe job site.

Our specialties









Our specialties

Workforce options that work for you

  • Contract

    A flexible contract workforce for seasonal or shifting workloads.

  • Project-based

    Secure the right talent for your fixed-term or project work.

  • Temp-to-hire

    Bring on qualified short-term workers with the option to convert to full-time.

  • Direct hire

    Screen and hire qualified talent directly into full-time positions.

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    Full service

    Handle requisition, staffing, onboarding, and management all in one place.

workforce FAQs

We hire construction workforce recruiters who have worked in the industry. They bring firsthand knowledge of the skills, aptitudes, and safety mindset needed for successful placements. We know that lack of engagement is one of the top reasons workers leave a company, and keeping employees engaged benefits you and our talent. To drive retention and support your overall workforce needs, we double-down on the employee experience from the start. 
We do our due diligence to ensure our talent is ready to contribute when they arrive at your job site This includes a pre-employment and safety awareness screening, a skills and aptitude review to identify success probability, and a detailed explanation of performance expectations. These efforts are well worth it and provide measurably more productive employees. 
We learn about your business to determine the most cost-effective way to meet your talent needs. With our data and insights, we can adjust for seasonality and project forecasts to make sure you’re accurately staffed. We can also assign travel teams to your job site and handle all the arrangements, which frees up your employees for other tasks. In addition, we keep talent engaged by offering benefits such as access to health insurance, options to save for retirement, and our Bluecrew loyalty program.
Safety is at the forefront of our talent preparedness, and we aim to help our customers improve safety and lower injury frequency rates (IFRs) at every opportunity. From the very beginning, our talent receives clear communication about hazardous materials, equipment, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 
Safety is so important to us that we offer the OSHA 10-hour Construction Industry Awareness Course for free to all our construction trades talent. In addition, we encourage them to pursue the OSHA 30-hour training course and can staff job sites with OSHA 30-hour certified workers. 
By knowing the flows in our customer’s business and cycles, including growth strategies, we can help them design a ramp-up schedule that is specific to your objectives. As we enter new partnerships, transparency and communication are at the core of a successful workforce planning campaign. 
We take pride in our proprietary and industry-leading screening process, tools, and skills assessments. We perform trade- and job-specific skills and knowledge testing as well as more generalized assessments. 
Yes. Many of our customers ask us to administer our assessments to benchmark their full-time workers. They’ve told us that our assessments have led to improvements in long-term value, training and safety, and labor costs. 
We meet talent where they are with a multifaceted approach to recruiting. Our strong digital and social media presences make us highly visible online, but we’re also out in our communities with grassroot, “boots on the ground” efforts and events. 
At Employbridge, we take pride in being innovators. We’re always looking for new opportunities to connect with talent by using the methods they prefer. When we start working with someone, we strive to get to know them in meaningful ways, with a clear understanding of their needs and priorities, so we can match them in jobs where they’ll thrive. 
We have a long history of supporting the construction workforce with innovative skills development offerings. We provide free upskilling opportunities at our certification centers and online through Better Worklife Academy and Life Skills Studio. We also have invested in technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) so that we stay at the forefront of workforce development.

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