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  • Warehouse workers in reflective vests loading a cargo van with boxes.

    Delivering 28 associates in 10 hours with Bluecrew

    Last-minute staffing requests. Unyielding peak season demands. Our client’s customers depend on its ability to meet their last-mile delivery needs. The company’s managed service provider (MSP) could not keep up with staffing requests as demand ramped up during the peak holiday season. Learn how we delivered 28 associates in 10 hours with Bluecrew.

  • Cargo ship going across water.

    Logistics expertise, cultural shifts lead to 50% increase in efficiency

    With its focus on express shipping, our client needed to have a well-trained, dependable, and efficient workforce. What started as a transition became a knot of recruiting and training challenges. While we could hire new talent, losing experienced workers led to slowdowns and a loss of knowledge about processes and operations. Read about how our logistics expertise led to a 50% increase in efficiency.

  • Warehouse working using a power jack to move a box through the warehouse.

    Strategic staffing solutions cut turnover and deliver 100% order fulfillment

    The client was struggling to gain traction in growth and retention in a rural market where population density was low, and the client’s pay rate was below the 50th percentile in the market. They came to Employbridge seeking new ideas to get to the headcount numbers they needed for their production demand. Learn how our strategic staffing solutions cut turnover and delivered 100% order fulfillment.

  • Warehouse aisles with shelves filled with boxes.

    Customized workforce solution delivers millions in savings

    The customer needed a reliable partner to recruit and hire a large number of employees to reach its desired headcount, all while navigating a competitive labor environment. Read about how Employbridge's customized workforce solution delivered millions in savings.

  • Forklift operator using a orange forklift machine.

    Customized service model achieves team tailored to the needs of the JIT facility

    The Employbridge team was able to streamline all staffing processes to achieve and maintain the facility's fulfillment needs. Learn how our customized service model achieved a team tailored to the needs of the JIT facility.

  • Multiple transportation and shipping vessels lined up next to each other.

    Innovative recruiting campaign achieves 100% fill rate

    To meet the demands of the upcoming holiday season, the customer needed 100% order fulfillment within a three-week time frame. Read on to learn how Employbridge's innovative recruiting campaign achieved a 100% fill rate.

  • Sunlight shining through pallets of wrapped boxes on a loading dock.

    Revamped staffing procedure leads to revitalized morale and 30% turnover decrease

    The Employbridge team created a new and improved recruitment, onboarding, and evaluation system to remedy the customer's challenges. Learn how the revamped staffing procedure led to revitalized morale and a 30% turnover decrease.

  • White trucks lined up at a loading dock.

    Strategic staffing drives success in filling 450 positions

    Learn how Employbridge's strategic staffing drove success in filling 450 positions in a community where roughly 70% of potential candidates spoke only Spanish.

  • Empty baseball field in a baseball stadium at night.

    Bluecrew powers a 42% reduction in time-to-fill rates at MLB park

    The baseball season is long and grueling, requiring hundreds of positions to be filled for home games that start in March and can stretch into October. Stadiums depend on talent with a wide range of skills and an aptitude for hospitality. For our client, filling roles was a numbers game. They contracted with seven staffing providers, including Bluecrew, in 2021.

  • Boxes being processed through the conveyor belt of a distribution center.

    Creating consistency in worker quality, onboarding, and coaching with Bluecrew

    Our client worked with some of the largest staffing providers in the country to find the talent it needed to ramp up quickly. But the strategy wasn’t delivering results. With the complexity that comes with using multiple agencies, our client was struggling with staffing shortages, high costs, and inconsistent worker quality.

  • An office worker with headphones on, focusing on his work.

    Shifts in pay rates, culture lead to 600% increase in retention

    Our client had a solid reputation in the marketplace, but restrictive hiring requirements were hurting its ability to fill customer service roles. Our client required all candidates to have a four-year college degree, but with a pay rate of $16 an hour and no option for remote work, few candidates applied. New hires frequently quit during training.

  • Two workers working on technology hardware.

    ebMax, on-site recruiting led to 32% boost in on-time fill rate

    It was using three agencies, including Employbridge, to find quality candidates. Major problems arose when the company was ready to move temporary workers to its own payroll. Time after time, it learned that the vast majority of candidates from the other agencies – people who were now trained in their roles – were not authorized to work in the United States.

  • Nurses in scrubs walking together in hospital hallway.

    Proactive recruiting strategies address healthcare worker shortages

    Our client had a solid reputation, but staffing shortages, compounded by lingering effects of the COVID pandemic, were hurting their ability to fill clinical service roles in their West Coast markets. Our client required a partner who could source local talent, within budget, and fill requests quickly and reliably.

  • White trucks lined up in a parking lot.

    Better recruiting, benefits drop turnover rate from 200% to 18%

    Our client was experiencing 200% turnover among its drivers, many of whom went to work for a competitor. Making the situation worse, the manufacturer was trying to recruit drivers for four locations because its staffing partner was unable to recruit or hire remotely.

  • Restaurant staff and managers speaking in dining room.

    Rigorous vetting leads to 95% satisfaction rate with talent quality

    Our client was able to maintain adequate staffing levels for regular season sporting events through their internal team and nonprofit organizations. However, they found it almost impossible to forecast demand for skilled servers for holiday events, playoff games, and concerts. Ticket sales often spike in the days and even hours leading up to such events, which led to almost daily additions and subtractions of food and beverage units.

  • An office worker with headphones on, focusing on his work.

    Competitive analysis, adjustments lead to $60,000 reduction in expenses

    Hiring for a new contact center in Phoenix, Arizona, was going much slower than expected. The internal recruitment team had limited resources and was behind on its hiring goals. Struggling with chronic understaffing, the client risked burnout and attrition among their current contact center talent.

  • Worker filling boxes with white pill bottles.

    Better engagement, vendor consolidation lead to business growth

    The re-verification season lasts four to five months. In the past, our client used seven agencies to recruit customer service representatives, insurance specialists, and case managers for a contact center in the southwestern United States. Over time, our client’s wages dropped below the median rate for the area and experienced talent was reluctant to accept short-term assignments.

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