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Why you should consider a career in logistics and supply chain

If you want to work in a business sector that most likely will see 11 percent growth EACH year for the next three years, then logistics/supply chain is the business sector to explore.

Because most businesses are ecstatic when they grow five percent a year, a growth rate of 11 percent a year for a business sector arguably could be deemed phenomenal.

Job and career opportunities in logistics/supply chain, therefore, also will no doubt prove phenomenal.

In fact, job growth specifically in logistics is forecast to grow 3.1 percent this year (2022) in job gains as well as 3.8 percent in annual-median wages.

Hand laborers (order pickers) and material movers (forklift drivers) can expect 7 percent job growth between 2020-’30.

Storage and distribution managers could see  3.14 percent job growth per year.

If you have a college degree, working as a logistics manager (which sometimes is referred to as a distribution or storage manager) is a terrific position: U.S. News and World Report deemed it the 18th best job on their 2020 Best Business Jobs list.

People who work in these jobs also are known as “logisticians,” and while a bachelor’s degree will land you the highest-paying positions, the United States’ Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)  says that an associate’s degree will also help you land one of them.

(Yet, don’t worry: you definitely can move up into a management position without a college degree; it’s just going to be more difficult and probably will entail some post-high school education, such as community college classes and/or certification courses).

The pandemic really ramped up the need for logistics/supply chain workers

And understandably so: after all, a good portion of U.S. employees now work at home, retired, quit their jobs to take care of ill or young family members, or otherwise now stay at home a lot more than they used to.

And what do they do when at home? You know the answer: they shop online!

Which has resulted in an enormous increase in package shipments, and therefore the need to hire a very large amount of people to help get the shipments shipped.

Some experts expect the logistics market to grow globally at a 6.8 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2022 and 2030.

And that means they need workers within the logistics and supply chain sectors are expected to be among the fastest-growing business sectors in the country, with employment growth growing much faster than for all occupations.

If you need yet another reason to explore this sector for work…

…understand that without the country’s logistics and supply chain providers, the U.S. economy – and perhaps the entire world’s – would collapse.

And quickly so!

This isn’t to scare you. Instead, it’s to show you another great benefit of choosing to work in the logistics/supply chain sector:

Your work is a critical part of ensuring the well-being of millions of people!

 Supply chain issues right now mostly are an inconvenience to many of us in the U.S. But if it worsens it could mean disaster for many families and individuals:

  • A single parent may not find diapers that they can afford.
  • Someone “just getting by” financially may get in a car crash and, while uninjured, total their car and find it difficult to find an affordable replacement.
  • Pharmaceutical supply chain issues could worsen and lead to drug shortages.
  • And so on.

As someone who works in this economically critical business sector, you can be extremely proud that your work helps your loved ones, friends and neighbors live healthy and happy lives as the country recovers economically and psychologically from the past two pandemic-filled years.

If you enjoy a very fast-paced workspace and want to feel an important part of keeping the U.S. economy humming, then check out our current opportunities in logistics/supply chain and apply to those that interest you and for which you’re qualified.

If you have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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