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Making a difference in the dallas job market

Everybody knows that you don’t mess with Texas, right? It’s a unique state full of people who are truly proud to be Texans. They work hard, they’re full of grit, and they’re passionate about their communities. Those are the people that we love getting to work with. 

Our largest focus in the state of Texas has been Dallas. We simply couldn’t pass up the chance to start working in the DFW area helping to connect amazing Texans with great Dallas job opportunities. We staffed our first positions in the city in early 2019, helping local companies find delivery drivers and mechanics for every shift. Since then, we’ve branched out. Some of our most popular employers in Dallas are moving companies, where our Crew Members work in moving, installation, and interior staging, and local kitchens where our team members serve as cooks, catering attendants, dishwashers, and more.

Recently, we’ve been primarily focused on staffing essential jobs like delivery drivers, warehouse workers and more. The hospitality industry in Dallas has been significantly quieter due to COVID-19, and this has included the corporate kitchens where many of our Crew Members usually work. However, Texas has been one of the first states in the U.S. to start moving to reopen, starting with phase one on May 1. Meanwhile, Dallas has lingered behind the rest of the state but also begun reopening some businesses with limited capacity. As a more “normal” Dallas is on the horizon, we took a few minutes to sit down with one of our local team members, Whitney, to ask her what she loves about Dallas, the impact of Employbridge on local workers and businesses, and more.

Whitney, Account Manager

Known for: Her quick wit! In her free time, Whitney performs in a musical improv troupe where they make up songs based on the audience’s suggestions

What do you love about Dallas?

Dallas has its own culture! We are Texans, loud and proud, and we love our city. It’s hard not to enjoy living in a place that has this much community spirit.

What is it like to be part of the Dallas Employbridge team?

Dallas is really saturated with staffing companies. There are so many choices that we have to really stand out to employers and to Crew Members to show them how we can make their lives better and easier. I think we’ve made a big impact by showing up when we’re needed - even if it’s last minute. I love that our clients feel secure that a great worker will show up at a job, even with little notice. Plus, we offer the perfect intersection of gig flexibility and W-2 worker benefits to our Crew Members, which I think also sets us apart from traditional staffing firms or gig economy apps. We’re really making a difference for job seekers in Dallas.

What has Dallas been like during shelter in place?

It has been slow around DFW because so many people are staying in and so many businesses are closed. But I know that means that as everything reopens, we’ll be really busy! We’ve also been working hard to connect with people who are looking for jobs and have more than one thousand workers using Employbridge now, so I’m excited to start filling more and more jobs as businesses get back to work!

On a personal level, I’ve missed getting together with my family and friends. We have such great weather in Dallas and it’s a shame not to get to enjoy it with the ones we love. As soon as things are back to normal, I’m going to be enjoying a patio margarita with some friends!

What are you most looking forward to?

I want to get people back to work! I started with Employbridge just a few weeks before quarantining, so I haven’t even gotten to meet all of our clients yet. I think Employbridge is going to have a big hand in helping local Dallas companies ramp back up and get the help they need. I’m excited to be part of that and help jumpstart our community and our economy.

What is your favorite Employbridge memory?

Just a few weeks ago, I met one of our Crew Members during quarantine! It’s weird to meet someone new right now, but he really made my day. His energy and excitement to get back to work were infectious, and I felt confident he was going to do a great job. Knowing that we’re helping people like him find jobs means a lot to me.

In general, I really appreciate the spirit our Employbridge team has. Everyone comes together to help each other, regardless of where they live or what they do. It means a lot to work with a company where people truly work together, and to know that the fruits of our labor go to helping people find great jobs and helping companies meet their goals. 

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