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How can managers improve employee satisfaction with the feedback process

As managers, we think often about giving feedback to our teams. You have to let your workers know when they’re doing a great job and what they need to improve in order to help them grow. But while that tends to be top-of-mind, an equally important type of feedback can go ignored: the feedback workers have for you.

There are a number of benefits to requesting worker feedback. You can gain a better understanding of what your workplace feels like to employees and, as an added bonus, boost your employee performance. When workers feel heard by their employer, they are almost 5 times more likely to think they can do their best work.

That’s why we have opportunities built into the Employbridge's Bluecrew app for workers to rate their employers and offer honest reviews of their experiences. While many of your reviews may reinforce what you already know about your workplace, there are a few important things you can learn by paying attention to what workers have to say.

1. What your strengths are

Whether you’re hiring new employees or working to retain the workers on your team, it’s important to know what stands out about your organization. Look for common positive features in your reviews, such as a manager everyone likes or a fun atmosphere. Once you know what your strengths are, you can use them to help attract good workers.

At this worksite, communication and culture reign supreme. Those can be huge selling points for hourly workers who are looking for long-term positions.

This company has even more specific feedback about managers who are helping workers have a great experience. When specific employees show up in reviews, take notice!

2. The information workers need

Are you giving new team members all of the information they need before they start? In some cases, hiring managers are so accustomed to the job that they forget that new employees may not have the same knowledge.

Keep an eye out for what workers mention as tips for the future. If their review mentions specific gear, like the example below, you may want to mention that in your job description! This will help you ensure that each new person shows up with appropriate expectations and ready to work.

3. How to continuously improve

Every organization has room to grow, and the best ones are always looking for new ways to improve. The workers on your job site can have a completely different perspective, and when they’re empowered to give feedback, you can find new opportunities for growth.

Even in 5-star reviews, there can be useful feedback, like the crew member below who noted the company’s disorganization. While that didn’t affect how much she liked the position, it points out a place where the organization can improve. When small factors like this show up in multiple reviews over time, employers should take note.

Using Worker Reviews to Better Your Business

Effectively using your team’s feedback can give your organization a significant competitive advantage, helping you leverage your strengths and provide a better employee experience. At Employbridge, we’re proud to help our customers grow by offering the hiring data and worker reviews that give them greater insight into their business and their goals. If you’re looking to take a closer look at your hiring practices, let us know.

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