Strategic planning and data delivery lead to 100% increase in fulfillment rates

Strategic planning and data delivery lead to 100% increase in fulfillment rates

Our client - TechStyle

TechStyle is a prominent online, membership fashion retailer that has a portfolio of five direct-to-consumer brands including JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, Savage X Fenty, and Fabletics. They are known for their innovative and trendsetting approach to delivering quality apparel and accessories.

The challenge

Unfulfilled staffing needs led to a backlog of orders and a drop in employee morale.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, TechStyle faced several challenges, including a backlog of returns from across the nation and an impending 18-month deadline to vacate their site and relocate to another location. Fulfillment orders were suffering due to low employee recruitment and high turnover rates in one of TechStyle’s three buildings. Their current staffing partner was only filling 25–30 of the targeted weekly positions, while TechStyle needed up to 80 positions filled per week. This recruitment and retention struggle resulted in reduced employee performance, job satisfaction, and overall customer satisfaction.

The solution

Implementing a digital recruitment strategy and on-site, hands-on support.

TechStyle outsourced the entire project to Employbridge, including hiring staff and leadership, arranging the daily scheduling of carriers, and overseeing safety and quality.

  • On-Site Management: We provided an aggressive on-site support structure that included a strategic account manager, an on-site VIP recruiter, an on-site coordinator, a staff performance manager, and floor coaches for each shift. We also automated managerial reporting through our time and attendance technology.
  • Recruitment: We immediately funded a digital recruiting strategy and deployed grassroots recruiting efforts to fill the necessary positions for optimal output. In addition to the support of our VIP recruiter, we also created a VIP implementation team and a timeline to help organize recruiting efforts and gauge success.
  • Order Fulfillment: We studied the best practices from TechStyle’s California operation and leveraged those resources locally so we could capitalize on order fulfillment and productivity.
  • Communication: We established a weekly progress call with TechStyle to review on-site support, order fulfillment, turnover rates, employee engagement, and large- and small-scale successes.
  • Strategic planning, detailed data delivery, and strong communication were the keys to success. 
  • We developed a strong partnership with the client in a highly challenging and competitive market.

The outcome

Big changes in a small town led to improved retention and customer satisfaction.

Through our comprehensive on-site management and focused recruitment efforts, TechStyle successfully addressed the order fulfillment shortage in the smaller, rural market. The strategic account management and VIP recruiting approach led to a significant increase in hiring rates, ensuring TechStyle could fill the necessary positions for optimal output. The improved workforce retention and performance contributed to enhanced customer satisfaction, overcoming the challenges posed by the backlog of returns and the impending relocation deadline.

Average associate satisfaction feedback is now

4.9 out of 5 stars