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Toyota Tsusho

Customized service model achieves team tailored to the needs of the JIT facility

The JIT facility, of Toyota Tsusho, consistently faced a shortage of associates while simultaneously using three different staffing vendors.

In a tight labor market, there were very few applicants with a consistent shortage of 25 or more employees a any given time. Further challenges included overall and consistent
communication, establishing and maintaining headcount, maintaining ramps for special projects, and a consistent screening and onboarding approach.

Our impact



increase in retention

Monthly turnover was reduced from 55% to just 17% within the first 6 months of Employbridge's VIP program implementation.



additional associates

The JIT facility was understaffed by 25+ associates at any given time. The Employbridge team was able to raise their base headcount by a minimum of 50 associates.

Fill Rate


fulfillment rate

The Employbridge team was able to streamline all staffing processes to achieve and maintain the facility's fulfillment needs.

What we did

Employbridge was appointed as the sole staffing vendor for the facility enabling the team to reduce turnover rates and increase headcount for the JIT facility.

The VIP team conducted a detailed site analysis to understand the needs of the facility in order to remedy the challenges they faced.

An "all-hands-on-deck" solution was implemented by providing an on-site account manager and dedicated sit-based recruiter with a focus on attracting quality talent to the right jobs.
The Employbridge team conducted tours of the facilities to familiarize prospective recruits with the work environment, clear explanations of required dress codes for safety, and personal assistance in helping new recruits meet these codes, such as providing steel-toed shoes.
On-sight observation allowed the VIP team to stabalize headcount and recognize the value and strengths of individual team members and shift assignments to maximize strengths, leading to associate promotions from within rather than necessitating across-the-board pay raises.

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