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Talent solutions for a professional workforce

  • 95%

    of clients say we deliver talent with the right fit and on time

  • 15+

    years of tenure, on average, for our recruiters

Find professionals with wide-ranging experience levels

Take advantage of “exact match” screening

We leverage market intelligence and skill-specific testing to identify candidates who have the right match of skills and “cultural fit” for your business.

Hire skilled, vetted professionals every time

Our extensive network helps us attract and recruit a strong pool of candidates.

Work with specialists who know your industry

We source, recruit and onboard for all roles, from entry-level to senior-level specialists and managers, and for all types of opportunities, including contract, project-based, contract-to-hire, and direct hire.


We place motivated professionals in finance, healthcare, and business operations roles

Whether you need to meet seasonal demands, build full-time teams, or fill critical roles, you’ll reap the benefits that come with our national scale and local presence.


New applicants each week

Proven results through
Exact Match screening

Exact Map - Recruiting

We conduct discovery, perform a wage and talent analysis, and use technology, active referrals, and personal networks to identify candidates.

Exact Hire - Selection

Customized behavioral interviews, skills assessments, and in-depth reference checks help us verify that a candidate is a good match for a role.

Exact Assurance

After talent has been onboarded, we regularly monitor their performance through our Productivity, Quality, and Dependability (PDQ) program. When needed, we provide coaching for improvement.

Our specialties


Business Operations Support


Accounting & Finance


Healthcare Support


Direct Hire

Skills we deliver

Business Operations Support

  • Receptionist
  • Administrative and Executive Assistants
  • Office Managers
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Support
  • Tier 1 Help Desk
  • Legal Support

Accounting and Finance

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Specialists
  • Credit and Collections Representatives
  • Accounting Clerks
  • Billing and Invoicing Specialists
  • Accountants – Staff and Specialized
  • Payroll Specialists
  • Financial Analysts
  • Finance and Accounting Leadership Roles


  • Non-Clinical Healthcare Support Staff
  • Nurses
  • Advanced Care Providers
  • Medical Assistants
  • Pharmacy
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Healthcare Information Technology

Direct Hire

  • Legal
  • Professional Business Services
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Technology & IT
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Contact Center Leadership
  • Manufacturing and Logistics

Our specialties

Workforce options that work for you

  • Contract

    A flexible contract workforce for seasonal or shifting workloads.

  • Project-based

    Secure the right talent for your fixed-term or project work.

  • Temp-to-hire

    Bring on qualified short-term workers with the option to convert to full-time.

  • Direct hire

    Screen and hire qualified talent directly into full-time positions.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Handle requisition, staffing, onboarding, and management all in one place.

They’ve been integral to establishing the key messages that convey us as an employer of choice. Their ideas work hand-in-hand with our core values.

workforce FAQs

We’ve invested in a proprietary tool with more than 1,300 assessments and immersive simulations. Our recruiters use it to build customized behavioral interview templates.
In addition to using our hard and soft skills assessments, our clients can customize their screening package to fit their needs. We offer a range of options, including background checks, multi-panel drug screens, credential verification, licensure checks, and health screens.
Our Exact Match promise and protocol has employee engagement and retention at its core. Through our Exact Assurance program, we maintain consistent communication and feedback with all customer groups, which enables us to get ahead of any concerns that can affect retention. We also offer a generous package of benefits, including access to health insurance, skills training through our Better Worklife Academy, and options to save for retirement.
Quarterly or biannual resource planning meetings help us prepare recruiting action plans to meet your needs. Our market-specific supply and demand reports offer insight into salary trends, candidate availability, and competitive demand pressures in your market.
We meet talent where they are with a multifaceted approach to recruiting. Our strong digital and social media presences make us highly visible online, but we are also out in our communities with grassroots, “boots on the ground” efforts and events. Our reputation as an employer of choice and our referral campaigns to cultivate more and better talent help to bolster candidate referrals.
With our stable, tenured recruiting team, our influence and internal recruiting network is vast and strong. We have clout in the digital recruiting space and our team of digital experts monitors and constantly enhances our presence on well-known digital recruiting sites. Signing up with Employbridge Professional gives your company an exponential recruiting boost.
Staffing is no different than any other part of your business. When you need help, you call a specialist. Employbridge specialty staffing teams have extensive experience identifying the right talent, at the right price and the first time, saving you money in the process. Tapping a specialty team means immediate access to active and passive candidates in your chosen field.
We use AI in our hiring process to create efficiency. Algorithms help us match candidate profiles to jobs and show jobs to targeted audiences, which helps us rapidly build extensive candidate pipelines. Our AI-driven searches give us immediate insight into a candidate’s technical skills, certifications, experience, and previous titles. However, connecting with a candidate, assessing soft skills, and making meaningful matches requires a skilled recruiter.
When you need staff immediately, for defined or specialty assignments, or for confidential searches, an agency is your best option. Hard-to-fill positions that require specific focus are often best outsourced. When you lack internal dedicated resources for hiring or your team’s bandwidth is stretched, an agency can step in and allow you and your team to focus on mission-critical tasks.

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