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ShiftGig is a staffing firm which fills temporary labor positions with highly motivated gig workers. We combine our experience in the staffing industry with technology to provide a managed service for our clients and achieve fill-rates greater than 90% on average.

Gig workers supplementing your contingent workforce needs

  • We unbundle traditional shift lengths into 4-hour blocks.
  • Gig workers self-schedule through a user-friendly mobile app.
  • We provide an on-site team to support both clients and workers.
  • Our workers come from a different labor pool that is highly reliable & productive.
  • Average 15 hours, max 36 hours, base wage only!


Why clients & workers love ShiftGig


Gig Worker

  • 91% order fill + show rate
  • 97% attendance rate
  • Reduce turnover – Avg. gig worker >130 hrs
  • 1.5x increase in productivity
  • Immediate access to on-demand & trained worker pool
  • Reduce overtime
  • No shift differential pay
  • Hit production targets – Make Bonuses!
  • Flexible work schedule around family or other obligations
  • Self-scheduling via mobile app
  • Predictable pay
  • Steady shifts
  • Shifts of various job types
  • Same day shift availability
  • Net promoter score 81

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