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How to introduce yourself in an interview

Let’s face it, interviews are nerve-racking. The pressure can cause you to say things you wouldn’t normally say, or that could hurt your chances of landing your next gig. Just remember, the fact that the company responded to your application means they are interested, and they’re hoping you are a good fit for the role.

Be confident, but don’t wing it. Doing a small but focused amount of preparation on the front end can make all the difference. These days, interviews come in many different forms. At Employbridge, we are testing multiple ways to interview, including having the opportunity to record yourself when it's most convenient for you. Then we use our proprietary technology to automatically match Crew Members based on experience, ratings, locations, work performance, and hundreds of other data points.

We’re offering up some of our best interview tips to help you get ready for your next one-on-one interview. So let's start with the introduction:

Prepare your introduction

For some folks, talking about yourself can be a tough proposition. Before the interview, take some time to think through how you can best highlight your experience, skills, and charisma. Instead of talking through your resume - they already have it, that’s why they called you - tell them about the skills you bring that make you different from other candidates.

How can you highlight what makes you unique? Fill in the space around your experience, like why you left a job, what drives you, what your career goals are, and how you have applied  your skill set throughout your career.

Pro tip: Have a few examples of accomplishments in your back pocket and work them into your pitch. When answering standard interview questions, try to tie your answers back to specific examples of times you solved problems, overcame challenges, or went above and beyond at work or in your personal life.


Hiring Manager: “Tell me a little about yourself.”

Answer: “I have spent the last 5 years working in warehousing, and I really enjoy getting to be hands-on and help companies keep the promises they make to customers. Efficient distribution is so important, but I’ve seen other companies struggle to keep things organized. This is why I pride myself on my ability to work efficiently and listen well. Things are always changing, and I like to be able to help my team move quickly and make changes when we need to keep up with the rush.”

This answer does a few things well. First, it highlights experience - 5 years in warehouse work - without spending a lot of time listing the positions on their resume. The worker then talks about their strengths, being efficient and listening to instructions, and how those help them get the job done better. Lastly, they talk about a common struggle, getting orders out during a rush, and how their skills help to make those situations easier.

Interviews are never simple, but you can make them less stressful by preparing your intro in advance. That way, you always enter the room ready to “wow” your interviewer.

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