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The benefits of working with a staffing agency

Dec 22, 2023

As a company grows or fluctuates, business owners and managers must hire for that growth and change. And as most business owners know, time is money and money is time. Hiring a staffing agency saves time, and money, for you and your company in the long term.

Staffing agencies take on the following:

  • Advertising for the position
  • Reviewing resumes
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Onboarding tasks (such as background checks and drug screenings)
  • Payroll
  • Scheduling (in some cases)
  • Legal responsibility
  • And more

Because every situation is different, you would need to do the math on how much you are paying the staffing agency for the employee to know just how much this process would save you at a minimum.

Once you have this data, you can compare it to the billable hours that it would take from your company time.

This is not only about comparing your hourly pay to the agency fees. It also involves considering the time you spend on tasks such as hiring, interviewing, and payroll. However, the situation is more complex than just these factors. There are also the costs associated with your business’s legal responsibilities, which are difficult to project without specifics.

Temporary workers offer flexibility and reduce turnover costs when hired through a staffing agency. After all, high employee turnover can harm your business from a financial standpoint.


Calculating this part is easier because it involves reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and making a hiring decision. These tasks require a specific amount of time and resources. These are the more obvious and upfront costs of staffing that an agency could take over for your business.


Using a staffing agency awards flexibility. Flexibility is a major value add and the “cost” of it varies from person to person. In this case, it allows for a company to bring in temporary workers without needing to hire full time.

If your company is growing or needs temporary help, you can hire as many employees as you need. You don’t have to keep them after the agreed time. It also allows you to vet workers and potentially hire them full time, if they are interested. It’s not uncommon for an employer to be happy with the talent a staffing agency brings in and decides to keep them around.

Legal responsibility

As an employer, you are generally responsible for your employees. So when it comes to labor laws, insurance, and certain taxes, you could be looking at some serious risk. However, with a staffing agency, they take that on risk for you.

Employbridge stands as a trusted staffing partner, equipping teams with industry expertise and innovative solutions that enable improved change management efforts. Our experience and leading technology ensure high-quality matches, increased placement rates, and faster time-to-fill, so you can build a higher-performing workforce. By partnering with Employbridge, your business gains access to a wealth of workforce insights and resources that are necessary to foster an adaptable, future-ready team.

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