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What are temp jobs and why you should consider them

May 18, 2020

There’s no time like the present to try something new! That’s always true, but it’s particularly important right now. With unemployment rising and a lot of industries almost completely shut down, people are starting to search for employment outside their comfort zone.

So even if you’ve never tried it before, now’s the perfect time to try out temp work. Not sure what it is, or what it can do for you? Keep reading. And when you’re ready, get started with Employbridge, powered by Bluecrew to try it for yourself.  

What is temp work?

Temp work is exactly what it sounds like: temporary jobs. These positions can come in a number of formats:

  • On-demand temp jobs are short-term, often short-notice gigs. The perk of on-demand jobs is that you can grab one when you want, as you’re looking for work. They often occur just for a single shift, when companies need someone to fill in for a worker who is out sick or just some extra hands. Picking up on-demand jobs gives you the ultimate amount of flexibility to pick what shifts and what days you want to work.
  • Long-term temp jobs are often offered by companies that need extra seasonal help, are rapidly growing, or want to be able to quickly bring on new workers. Long-term temp jobs can be great for people who want to learn a new skill, need to build up their resume, or want some stability without having to commit to an employer or position for longer than a few months. 
  • Temp-to-hire jobs offer the promise of security. When your goal is to land a permanent, long-term position, these can be great to “try before you buy” and find out if you really like the job and the company before you take the leap to a permanent position. Taking a temp-to-hire job lets you know for sure that you love a job before you make a long-term decision.

Clearly, there are a lot of different types of temporary jobs out there, and there are options for everyone. Whether you need to build your resume, jumpstart your career, tap into flexible work, or find a way to make extra money when you’re between permanent jobs, everyone can find what they need with a good temp position. 

Temp job myths

Temporary work can sometimes get a bad rap, but it isn’t deserved. There are a few common misconceptions that can convince people to overlook great temporary work opportunities. Here are a few of the most common ones we hear:

Myth #1: Temp jobs don’t come with benefits.

Not necessarily true! It completely depends on the temp agency you’re working with. If you choose to work with an agency that classifies workers as 1099 contractors, you’re unlikely to get any access to basic benefits and protections like overtime pay, sick pay, workers’ compensation, or health insurance. If you instead choose a company (like Employbridge!) that classifies workers as W-2 employees, you can tap into all of those important benefits.

Myth #2: Temp jobs can’t lead to good careers.

If a good, long-term career is what you’re looking for, temp work can actually be a great way to get started! A lot of our Employbridge Crew Members start in temporary or temp-to-hire positions at our client companies and convert into permanent employees. Many who stand out even earn promotions and move up quickly to help with management or other responsibilities. Getting a strong career is all about what you put into it. Temp work can be a great way to get your foot in the door at a company you love.

Myth #3: If I take temp work, I can’t continue my job search.

Tapping into the temp job market can actually help with your job search. For one thing, you’re ensuring that you don’t have a large resume gap. Continuing to be productive and learn new skills through temporary work is actually attractive to hiring managers because it demonstrates your curiosity and drive. Not only can it lead to permanent opportunities at your temporary employer, it also offers the safety of a paycheck while you search for a long-term job you love. And when you work with a temp agency like Employbridge, where you can choose the shifts you want to work, you still have the flexibility you need to interview and apply for other positions.

What to expect from temp work

Ready to try out a temporary position? We’d love to help you out. 

With Employbridge, you can choose from a wide range of employers, positions, and shifts. This means you can pick up on-demand jobs, long-term temp jobs, or even temp-to-hire positions all through our platform. This is what the process looks like:

Step #1: Sign Up.

Create an account here and download the Bluecrew app to your smartphone. Just give us a bit of information about what type of work you want to do and fill out a profile. This will help us match you with the best jobs for your goals and your career!

Step #2: Complete a quick remote interview.

Due to COVID-19, our interviews have gone completely remote! Whenever it works for you, simply open up the app and answer a few quick questions. We’re a team of real people, so one of our corporate recruiters will mark your interview as complete. After that, fill out quick onboarding paperwork so we can verify that you’re an eligible U.S. worker! 

Step #3: Browse and accept jobs on-the-spot.

Our technology uses your career interests, location, and additional information to match you with the jobs that are the best fit for you. Check out different jobs and employers and know that there’s never a penalty for turning down a position you aren’t excited about. With Employbridge in the palm of your hand, you’re in the position to drive your own career. 

Step #4: Profit. 

Get paid weekly for the shifts you take and rest assured that we’ve got your back. As a W-2 employee of Employbridge, you’re covered with workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, overtime pay, sick pay, and more. 

Seem easy enough? Then let’s get to work. 

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