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What are the different types of welding?

Jul 26, 2023

Welding is a great skill to have, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional. Becoming a welder can be difficult if you don’t know what different types of welding there are. This short article will help you learn the basics about four of the more common kinds of welding.

4 popular types of welding

Gas metal arc welding

Gas metal arc welding, also called MIG welding, is the top choice in the DIY arena. This is because it has less expensive equipment and is easier when compared to the other kinds of welding.

This welding method uses a wire that is fed into the welding gun. This convenient setup lets the user easily aim and weld wherever they want.

A potential inconvenience to gas metal arc welding is that you need bottled gas, which makes the welding rig less portable. You need this bottled gas to create a shield that prevents contamination during the welding process.

Flux cored arc welding

Flux cored arc welding is very similar to gas metal arc welding. In fact, you can find certain types of welding machines that allow for both types of welding. The difference between these two types of welding is the wire, which in this case has flux on the outside.

This coating melts under the heat of the welding process and releases gas to create the protective shield. Flux cored arc welding is much more portable than gas metal arc welding because there is no need for bottled gas. This welding technique can be done outdoors as well.

Gas tungsten arc welding

Gas tungsten arc welding, also called TIG welding, is a versatile method that can be used on materials like stainless steel, soft metals, and even titanium. This welding type does not use spooled wire in the welding gun, unlike gas metal arc welding.

Gas tungsten arc welding is more difficult than gas metal arc welding. This is because one hand holds the torch while the other hand feeds the rod. As a result, it becomes more challenging to learn.

Shielded metal arc welding

Shielded metal arc welding, also known as stick welding, has been around since the late 1800’s. It’s a fairly simple process of melting a stick of metal into the joint of two pieces of metal. The special metal stick contains everything needed to create the shield, so it does not require any bottled gas. This type of welding can be a bit messy and the finished product isn’t as clean or pretty as other types of welding.

As you can see each of these different kinds of welding has its own set of strengths and compromises. It’s up to you to decide which method will work best for you, in your context, and with your projects. Good luck as you keep learning about welding and set yourself up for success by acquiring this highly desired skill.


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