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Why people love working in a warehouse

Feb 03, 2021

While we specialize in helping people find all types of hourly work, warehouse jobs are our bread and butter. We’re proud to work with so many different brands, helping them keep the most foundational part of their business going.

That said, not everybody thinks of a warehouse or fulfillment center as a “cool” place to work. A lot of people have never even considered warehouse work because it’s not something you see in your daily life - a package comes to your door, but you don’t know what happened to it before it got there. In reality, there’s a lot that goes on behind-the-scenes to get packages to your home and goods onto store shelves.

The inner workings of the warehousing industry are actually pretty exciting, and there are a number of different reasons why people love working in warehousing. If you’re considering trying out something new, read on for a few reasons why a warehouse job may be great for you.

Warehouse work makes the day go quickly

Some jobs have you in one place all day - and that can make the day pass sooo slowly. Nothing changes, you have no opportunity to move around, and everything seems the same. In a warehouse, that’s not true. Most jobs have you on your feet, moving around and getting stuff done. You have the ability to stay in motion, stretch your legs, and stay on the move.

Not only are you getting your steps in, consistent motion makes it easier to get in the zone and keep busy. Instead of slowly counting down the minutes until the end of your shift, you can stay productive and feel like your day is over in way less than your typical eight hours. We’ve even heard people remark after a few weeks on the job about their newfound muscles - a hidden benefit!

Working on a team or towards your own goals

Prefer to work by yourself? We’ve got you covered. Team leader? We’ve got you covered, too. There are different types of warehouse roles for everybody. In some warehouses, everyone operates as a team to get things done. They pass around tasks, work together, and meet goals as a unit. There can be a real team spirit when everybody is working towards a common objective and they are able to accomplish what they need together.

On the other hand, some warehouses focus on individual metrics and goals. That means you know what you need to achieve every day and get to set your own pace to get there. This can be nice for people who prefer to keep to themselves, get their work done, and not rely on others. These are clearly two very different environments, but both can be good for different types of people. It’s up to you to decide if a team culture or individual environment will help you thrive.

Clear opportunities for growth

Typically, a warehouse is a really transparent place to work, and there are a variety of ways to learn new skills, grow your resume, and progress in your career. To start, there are a number of different entry-level positions in every warehouse. You may be restocking, picking and packing, or using machinery to seal and dispatch boxes. As you show your dedication and perform well, you’ll often have the chance to try multiple positions and decide what you like best.

In addition, there are lots of ways to move up. For many people, this opportunity focuses on heavy machinery! A great way to increase your wages and try something new is to learn how to operate a forklift or an electric pallet jack and take on additional responsibilities. You may also crave a team lead or management position. By excelling in your job, taking opportunities to help or train others, and demonstrating your skills, you’ll be well-positioned to earn a promotion when the opportunity arises.

Making an impact on the bottom line

As a warehouse worker, every day, you make a difference: you keep our economy and supply chains running. You make a clear and important contribution to your company and your team. There are few jobs where you get to see the direct impact of your efforts every single day. But as a warehouse worker, your hard work makes a real difference - and without you, that work wouldn’t have been possible.

Most people will have a number of different careers over the course of their lives. People enjoy trying out new things and finding the right fit (we’ve long said that’s one of the benefits of temp work). If you’re up for trying something new and giving warehouse work a shot, we’re here to help.

We have a wide variety of warehouse jobs available, so search jobs now!

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