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Hiring manufacturing employees

Mar 17, 2022

There is no shortage of new things to learn about today—especially as it relates to the manufacturing industry. With best practices to an incoming deployment of technology, manufacturing is facing a new future. What does that mean for the roles you need to be filled for your business and how can you ensure you're marketing to the right people? We will explore what roles to search for and how to market for them.

New roles on the market

Automation is sweeping the supply chain from creating new products, to quality checking the production line. Similarly, the manufacturing industry can accommodate almost any type of employee. Manufacturing can include the chemical, mechanical or technical production of products. While the production line is being automated, there are new roles that you can offer to fill in the gaps.

For those with experience in the industry and have a desire to learn new skills, technology can open the door for employees to enter back into school, take coding classes and upskill without ever having to leave the company they work for. Here are some roles your business may need to offer, if you don't already, for in-house tech positions:

  • Robotics Technicians: Those who will build, test and maintain new technology.
  • Programmers: Those in the business who will tell the computer what to do.
  • Engineers: Those who research, implement and test new technologies. They may even build custom programs and machinery for your business.

Understanding where your business is going and how to stay relevant for the future of your company will help you decide how roles need to be filled.

Marketing your business

New talent won't always reach out to your business directly to inquire about open roles. It will take some footwork on your part to market your business to new employees. The best way to do that is to understand where your demographics are looking for jobs. Are they searching online, scrolling on social media or posting their resume to a recruitment hub in the hopes of being noticed?

Make your job posting available for job seekers to find by developing ads you can post online, linking up with a recruiter or designing a one-pager for a social media platform. Before spending a lot of money on a job posting, knowing exactly where your ideal candidate is looking for jobs already can help you connect with them more quickly.

If you decide to connect with a recruiter instead, be sure to update your website to highlight some of your most recent accolades, what type of company culture your business offers and maybe the benefits your new hire can look forward to if they get the offer letter. New talent is looking for not only a long-lasting career with the business they choose, but also to connect with the people and culture that it attracts as well.

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