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How to improve the quality of hires in 3 simple steps

Feb 27, 2020

Every hiring manager has selected a worker who just wasn’t the right fit. Especially in hourly jobs with high turnover, the occasional bad fit is inevitable. But there are a number of things employers like you can do to raise the quality of your hires.

Keep reading for a quick rundown of the three simplest ways to improve your hires and access the high-quality workforce you need.

Focus on Skills

Want the best worker? Then focus on verified skills and experience… and ignore the rest. Too often, outside influences can make it easy to overlook the applicants who will perform best on-the-job.

Instead, evaluate experience and skills in an isolated way. Separate your knock-out requirements—what you really need in an employee—and ensure workers can comply with those needs. That’s the best way to predict whether or not a worker will be successful.

And this is part of what we do with our hiring algorithm. At Bluecrew, your jobs are only served to people with the right background and experience for the position. That way, you know that whoever accepts can do the job. And the results speak for themselves. When employers hire using our algorithm, rather than an application job, they experience the following:

  • 42% reduction in time to fill jobs
  • 38% reduction in bad fits
  • 8% increase in satisfaction with workers

Make Speed a Priority

With some of the lowest unemployment rates in decades—as of writing this, only 3.6%—there’s no denying that we’re in a “candidate’s market.” Top job seekers know that they’re in demand, so they can be more selective than ever about what types of roles they want, what companies they want to work for, and what pay they’ll accept. This means the best workers are scooped up quickly, so employers who want to hire the best have to act fast.

Decreasing your time-to-hire is one of the most impactful options for improving the quality of workers you hire. If you’re waiting for HR backlogs or a traditional staffing firm to get back to you, chances are, your top applicants will find other employment. High-quality workers will always have options, and they have even more when the unemployment rate is this low. Eliminate barriers to hiring quickly, and you’ll see your quality vastly improve.

Broaden Your Reach

The best candidates aren’t walking into a brick-and-mortar staffing firm and asking for a job. They have options, and they want to be able to pick the jobs that fit their lives best. A lot of them are even passive job seekers, who don’t have the time to wait for lengthy or taxing application processes.

That’s why Employbridge reaches out through other mediums to recruit hourly workers with the right skills and experiences for your jobs. In fact, we have a whole team devoted to finding the right people for the types of jobs we fill, using modern technology to reach them and worker protections, benefits, and flexibility to bring them on-board. They’re then matched by skills, location, experience, and more to your job—and they can instantly accept—with no lag in time.

Hire better quality hourly workers with Employbridge. Get started today.

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