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How to Make a Job Post Stand Out with Local Benefits


Over the years, Employbridge has collected a lot of data about the most common reasons workers reject jobs. Taking the #1 slot? Location.

While you can’t pick up your whole business and move it to a more desirable place, there are a few things you can include in your job description to attract more (or better) workers. Check out 3 simple things that will make your job post stand out.

Prioritize Parking

Tell your workers where to park! If there is free, close on-site parking, be sure to mention it. 

  • The Benefits: Eliminates parking headaches. Workers don't have to worry about costs.

Offer Directions

Where's the closest train or bus stop? Are you right off the freeway? Give your team an idea of exactly how eay it is to get to you. 

  • The Benefits: You've created a stress-free commute. If public transit is nearby candidates don't have to own their own car. 

Think Local

Did you know the happiest workers are those who can walk or bike to work? If you live near central bike paths, be sure to call them out!

  • The Benefits: Your company cennects with local wokrers. Employees are happy and engaged.

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