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Warehouse workers in reflective vests loading a cargo van with boxes.
An e-commerce delivery company

Delivering 28 associates in 10 hours with Bluecrew

Last-minute staffing requests. Unyielding peak season demands.

Our client’s customers depend on its ability to meet their last-mile delivery needs. The company’s managed service provider (MSP) could not keep up with staffing requests as demand ramped up during the peak holiday season.

Our impact



increase in hours

Bluecrew talent contributed 2,450 hours in one week, compared to 1,903 hours the previous week.



positions filled in 10 hours

Our client posted a job at noon for 20 candidates, and had 28 people ready to work the same day for shifts that started at 10 p.m.

Fill Rate


fill rate achieved

With Bluecrew, the average fill rate for the company regularly exceeds its request.

What we did

Out-of-the-box thinking and powerful technology to keep schedules on track.

When several of our client’s West Coast locations needed peak-season support, they turned to Bluecrew. Three big drawswere the Bluecrew team’s consultative approach to working with clients, the platform’s Blueshift feature, and having avetted pool of W2 ready-to-work associates. With Blueshift, clients can easily post shift openings over multiple days, all atone time, and workers can use it to create flexible schedules.

Our client used the Bluecrew platform to keep requests and headcounts in one place.
The client found that the Bluecrew platform gave it better administrative control over payroll, scheduling, and requesting that top performers return.
Using the Bluecrew platform, the client was able to post jobs directly and receive job acceptances within minutes without third-party involvement.
Our client used the platform to scale its workforce up or down daily, based on projected demands for last-mile deliveries.

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