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Fill-the-gap marketing for your business

Mar 16, 2022

The days of monotonous labor lines and assembly are over. Workers are looking to job descriptions, websites and creative marketing to gauge how well of a fit an industry will be to work in. It's up to employers to reignite interest in the manufacturing industry to attract new talent. Baby Boomers, who made up a majority of the industry previously, are reaching retirement age and are phasing themselves out of the workforce altogether.

Let's explore why this industry is an exciting place to work for anyone and a few tips on how to market yourself.

Manufacturing is a great place to work

Recovery in the manufacturing sector has seen a steady improvement since the rollout of vaccines in 2021. Since then, industrial production has seen increases in new orders and continued growth that has reached above pre-pandemic numbers according to Deloitte. Manufacturing plays a major role in the U.S. economy and offers citizens jobs, livelihoods, and keeps the supply chain moving in a positive direction.

It's easy to see why manufacturing has made the impact it has on the world because it is consistently improving technologically and socially. At the cutting edge of technology, manufacturing leadership is always looking for new ways to not only make the space safer to work but also streamline operations. While some positions remain unsafe, new machinery is helping replace those high-risk positions and opening up new opportunities for employees to seek higher-paying positions in a safer workplace.

Ways to market your business

Manufacturers create goods and offer services. Their staff is highly trained professionals who do not connect with customers directly unless at trade shows and within tightly controlled advertising campaigns. However, there is a rise in direct-to-customer sales and manufacturers need to find new ways to market themselves to consumers who are looking for their products.

The first step in developing a successful campaign is to understand who you are marketing to: individuals, businesses or both? Knowing where your customers are in their buying process when they hit your website can help you know how to best grab their attention and keep them interested in your product.

Include content on your website as well. This can help shoppers learn more about what you offer, set your website up for success on search engine result pages and position you as a leader in your industry.

Zero in on your customer satisfaction by streamlining your support and supply chain operations. Attracting new customers and having a clear operational plan that makes sense to your employees can help attract new candidates who want to get involved in a thriving business. Manufacturing is an exciting place to work and is growing more and more every day.

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