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How to help employees set goals

Apr 26, 2022

Sharing with your teams how they fit into the bigger picture of the overall company offers them a north star for each task they complete and each decision they make. The bigger picture gives employees a great sense of value in how they contribute to the company and why their work matters. 

This article will explore how to help your workers understand how they fit in with the bigger picture and the potential outcomes of such a conversation.

Showing appreciation to your workers

While appreciation does come when an employee reaches a year anniversary or a birthday, acknowledging the things an employee does well throughout their day can give them insight into how to continue to improve.

If you're employing ambitious hires who truly see a future in the company, helping them see the master plan, ambitions and goals of the business can improve their decision making skills and how they come to solutions.

Rather than focusing on the minor details, seeing the bigger picture means taking into consideration how each action builds into the overall success of a project or organizational goal. It helps your employees create empathy for the overall team goals, work efficiently, manage stress levels and create achievable objectives.

How to set the North Star

An excellent job description with clear objectives for the new hire can set them up for success and give them insight into the overall goal of the company. However, the way you communicate the big picture to your employee will depend on how they process information.

Some people are very detail-oriented and look at every piece of information before making a decision. This is typically the perfect new hire for most positions. However, this type of person could easily get lost in the details, stress over the specifics and lose sight of the big picture and objective of the project. Checking in with the detail-oriented type of employee on a weekly or monthly basis can help them stay focused on their purpose and those of the business.

After hiring a new employee, it's also important to sit down with them to set targets. What do they want to get out of working with you and what are the expectations the company wants out of them. Aligning on these specific plans can help both supervisors and employees work together to support each other.

Setting up meetings and reassuring your employees when they reach milestones or do great work can help keep your teams focused and efficient.

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