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Strategic staffing solutions cut turnover and deliver 100% order fulfillment

Dometic was faced with an order fulfillment shortage in a smaller, rural market.

Working with their previous staffing provider, Dometic faced significant shortages in order fulfillment. Candidate traffic was low, and turnover was high. They were struggling to gain traction in growth and retention in a rural market where population density was low, and the client’s pay rate was below the 50th percentile in the market. They came to Employbridge seeking new ideas to get to the headcount numbers they needed for their production demand.

Our impact



increase in applicants

The client saw a significant traffic boost due to grassroots marketing efforts by our on-site team. They experienced nearly a 1,000% increase in applicants, from weekly averages of one or two to 10–20 applicants every week.



reduction in turnover

In the first six months, turnover was reduced by 50%. The client also experienced a substantial increase in the average assignment length.

Order Fulfillment


order fulfillment

Through the consistent and intentional implementation of ABC reviews, pay rate increase, and marketing knowledge, Dometic was able to achieve the desired order rate.

What we did

Through Employbridge's VIP+ data and methods, Dometic gained valuable insights.

Bringing expert resources to the table, the Employbridge VIP+ team consulted with the client on the critical need for competitive pay and the importance of fostering a culture that engages associates. Additionally, solid data and clear methodology allowed the client to ultimately make informed decisions and valuable changes.

VIP+ service included providing an expert team on-site dedicated to the client and their specific associates to help recruit and manage the client’s contingent workforce.
Our team encouraged the client to increase pay rates by a dollar per hour to increase competitiveness in the market.
Being familiar with what works in a small, rural market, our team made suggestions and implemented changes to gain positive attention. For instance, the use of Facebook is not as effective as yard signs and community events in these locales
Employee engagement is critical in an evolving hiring market. Our team established methods to interact with and invest in associates, which increased brand loyalty. Loyalty and a sense of pride increase retention as associates seek solutions with supervisors rather than cut and run when problems arise.

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