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What is an inventory controller?​

Inventory Controllers work in a wide range of industries to manage the inventory levels of their business. They keep detailed records of inventory as they come into stock as well as track changes in inventory over time. Inventory control makes use of systems and technology to maintain the proper inventory levels needed to maintain a smooth supply chain.

What’s an average Inventory Controller Salary?​

According to, entry level Inventory Controller’s can expect average pay to be $58,790/year or $28/hr. Factors such as location, work experience, and the specific company hiring for the position will also influence the advertised pay rate. Experienced Inventory Controllers can expect a salary closer to $70,000.

Inventory Controller Duties?​

Duties that an Inventory Controller are responsible for may include:

  • Analyzing supply chain data and metrics to identify potential issues
  • Communicating with suppliers about product quality and incoming shipments
  • Coordinating with team members to ensure the efficient and accurate movement and tracking of inventory throughout the warehouse
  • Forecasting fluctuations in supply and demand and planning accordingly
  • Monitoring inventory levels to keep stock at the optimal amount
  • Reporting inventory status and supply chain projections to management
  • Tracking orders, inbound and outbound, to keep stock at the correct level

inventory controller working at a desk

How to become an inventory controller?​

If you are just starting your career in logistics, the field that Inventory Controllers work in, you’re best bet is to look for a job as a general warehouse associate or picker/packer. These are entry level positions that will give you the work experience and warehouse knowledge needed to move into an Inventory Controller role.

If you have work experience already and are looking to transition into the logistics field, make sure that you highlight your skills and experiences that would let a potential employer know why you would be a great fit for an Inventory Controller role. Such skills and experience could include:

  • analytical skills and a detail oriented mindset
  • strong communication skills and a team first attitude
  • experience with computer inventory systems or other systems used to track data such as project management tools
  • experience in fast-paced work environments

In either case, you can take your first step towards becoming an Inventory Controller by applying to one of our open positions today.

Inventory controller career path

Inventory Controllers will have several potential paths to choose from as their career advances. If you decide to stay in the inventory lane you may be promoted to Inventory Coordinator, followed Inventory Manager.

Inventory Coordinators, as the title implies, coordinate the flow of inventory in and out of the warehouse. This includes working with other teams in the business to ensure that buying, shipping, and inventory levels are working together efficiently. Coordinators will also work with their managers to forecast and plan for future orders and changes to internal systems or policies.

Inventory Managers oversee their team of Inventory Coordinators. In addition to managing their team, they are also responsible for overseeing the entire inventory process and ensuring everything is operating at optimal levels and speeds. To that end they will regularly analyze their systems and processes to find issues and areas of improvement.

At this stage of your career you may be presented with opportunities to branch out into other areas such warehouse supervising, order purchasing, supply chain management or other internal leadership positions.

Inventory Control can provide you with a rewarding, long-term career with opportunities for promotion, greater responsibility, and higher salaries along the way. If you enjoy analytics, systems, data-driven decision making, and working on a team then a career in inventory control and the logistics field as a whole may be just what you are looking for.

We’d love to help you get started. ProLogistix has locations all over the country and we are eager to help you find the right job for you. See our open inventory control positions or all the open positions that your local branch currently has. Either way, we hope to be a part of your success story as you embark on the next chapter in your career.