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Staffing Alternatives To Traditional Hiring Solutions

Read on to learn why organizations are considering a workforce-as-a-service alternative to traditional workforce staffing solutions.

Considering Alternatives To Traditional Workforce Staffing 

Over the years, traditional workforce staffing has been relied on to ensure organizations have the workers they need, when they need them. However, businesses are increasingly recognizing digital collaboration, technology and tools as the way of the future for workforce staffing — to ultimately promote greater operational efficiency and productivity. 

As labor shortages and economic uncertainty continue, organizations need a workforce staffing solution that can adequately keep pace with these changes. We’re taking a closer look at the challenges associated with traditional workforce staffing and why organizations are considering a workforce-as-a-service alternative moving forward. 

The Challenges of Traditional Workforce Staffing

The unpredictability and instability of the current labor market have been a significant cause of concern for organizations across industries in recent years. For example, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record 4.5 million U.S. workers resigned from their jobs in November 2021 alone. At the same time, the national unemployment rate fell to 4.6% in October. Moreover, the market is now saturated with economic uncertainty — including a rising core inflation rate, increasing oil prices, growing interest rates and more. 

As organizations pursue workforce solutions that can help them adequately manage a volatile labor market, traditional workforce staffing isn’t able to keep pace with their needs. The main challenges of working with a workforce staffing agency include:

  • Little visibility into the staffing process for your organization.
  • Limited flexibility to help your organization adapt quickly to variable demand or other fast-paced market changes.
  • Inability to provide your business with fast access to high-intent, quality workers. 
  • Very little data, beyond anecdotes, that can help your organization optimize its workforce. 
  • Inefficient workforce management, as a result of low visibility and lack of actionable insight into how your workforce is performing. 

Considering More Flexible Staffing Solutions — The WaaS Alternative

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware that a traditional staffing firm or workforce staffing model isn’t doing enough to support their business throughout times of uncertainty and variable demand. As a result, companies are quickly turning their attention to workforce-as-a-service (WaaS) alternatives to provide the flexibility and efficiency needed to keep pace with these changes. 

This workforce solution gives organizations access to temporary workers based on their current business or staffing needs, allowing teams to scale their workforce up or down to meet the challenges of the current labor market. When introducing a WaaS model, businesses often leverage a secure platform where they can enjoy seamless delivery of well-qualified and in-demand talent in a short time — all while considerably improving their overall workforce management. 

The Advantages of an Elastic Hourly Workforce Over Traditional Solutions

Taking advantage of an elastic hourly workforce solution with the help of powerful platform technology can result in several valuable benefits for your business. These include:

  • Ensuring your organization has the ability to meet short-term and long-term needs with improved flexibility and scalability.
  • Significantly simplifying your workforce management, from the hiring process to scheduling and everything in between.
  • Reducing the burden on your organization amid talent needs, especially on your human resource (HR) team. 
  • Guaranteeing fast access to contingent workers as needed.
  • Lowering your overall operational costs by streamlining management for processes like recruitment, onboarding, payroll, benefits administration and more.
  • Providing you with a clear overview of your employment process for improved control and management moving forward. 

Introducing a Workforce-as-a-Service Solution With Employbridge

When a traditional staffing firm can’t offer you the support you need, Employbridge can help. With Employbridge, your business can take advantage of workforce-as-a-service solutions and advanced platform technology to more adequately meet your employment needs.

Our all-in-one platform solution covers every aspect of your staffing process, giving your organization access to high-intent, qualified candidates — so you can find the right person for a job, as soon as you need them. 

While demand continues to fluctuate and economic uncertainty continues, you can ensure your business stays at peak performance and productivity with a workforce-as-a-service solution. Ready to get started? Contact Employbridge today!

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