Revitalizing company morale: The impact of a revamped onboarding process

Revitalizing company morale: The impact of a revamped onboarding process

Our client - Trane Technologies

Trane Technologies: World-leading HVAC equipment manufacturer

The challenge

Trane Technologies was facing substantial operational hurdles. Disconnected leadership and communication breakdowns with their current staffing partner had resulted in order fulfillment bottlenecks, deteriorating service standards, and eroding morale. Consequently, the company faced a high turnover rate averaging between 35–40%. In addition to these issues, the absence of comprehensive documentation had led to instances of unpaid labor and untracked work hours. This further impeded Trane’s ability to meet weekly production targets and key performance metrics such as overtime and on-time delivery.

Recognizing these challenges, Trane turned to Employbridge. Our mission was clear — to bridge the shortcomings of their former staffing partner and to support Trane in several vital areas:

  • Achieving the desired headcount
  • Revitalizing employee morale
  • Transforming the company culture to retain top-tier associates

The solution

To initiate the process, we ensured alignment by mirroring the incumbent’s on-site staffing setup. Throughout the project’s duration, we deployed a total of five on-site members. Initially, two full-time recruiters were assigned, and as the project progressed, we established a dedicated support team with a specific focus on SAM (Strategic Account Manager) and SPM (Strategic Project Manager) responsibilities. This team swiftly placed associate engagement as a top priority from the outset.

  • Restructured Onboarding Procedures: We took over the orientation process and restructured it to incorporate more meaningful touchpoints. This allowed for a positive brand and culture experience from day one and provided better support for new hires.
  • New Hire Incentives: Our team developed various initiatives to create a positive connection between new applicants and the company during the hiring process. These efforts were aimed at attracting and retaining top talent and included providing branded t-shirts, organizing engaging events, and establishing consistent, high-quality communication channels.
  • The ABC Review System: Through the implementation of a streamlined system, we facilitated an effortless way for floor managers and supervisors to conduct ongoing performance evaluations of their staff. This approach enabled leadership to effectively identify both areas of success and areas in need of improvement, thereby promoting growth and progress more efficiently.
  • Meaningful Prescreening Methods: By incorporating ResourceMFG’s prescreening tools into our hiring process, we implemented written assessments to evaluate applicants’ proficiency in general manufacturing knowledge and reading comprehension. This pivotal step enabled us to identify competent candidates at an early stage, ensuring that only individuals of high quality advanced through the hiring funnel. Consequently, this improvement enhanced the overall candidate pool and increased the likelihood of securing top-notch talent.

The outcome

Initially, the client had reservations due to their previous staffing relationship, making the implementation process, team, and transition crucial in this case. However, thanks to our team’s meticulousness and effectiveness, significant transformations were achieved in the facility’s quality and morale within a span of 30 days. As a result, employee engagement improved, onboarding experiences became more positive, and performance evaluations were enhanced. The ultimate outcome was a workforce that was not only happier but also more skilled and stable.

The transition began in June, with a formal handover on July 11th and completion in October. During that time, Employbridge helped:

  • Reduce turnover from 35–40% to a 10% average in six months
  • Achieve 100% order fulfillment
  • Significantly improve culture and brand loyalty among new and existing employees